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Fly Boarding Instruction


Can you imagine flying through the air like this. Learning with us is super easy.

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Flyboarding lesson


Flyboarding is a fun and exciting sport, that can be described simply as re-directing the jet of a jetski into a hose and then into the flyboard.

Flyboarding Class

Be a

Imagine your self levitating and flying a few feet above open water.

What is flyboarding

Flyboarding invovles redirecting the water flow of a jetski or waverunner into a hose which in turn enters the flyboard and is directed downward. The flyboard is worn on the feet like a wakeboard or snowboard. Simply put the flyboard is a water jet board. With our beginner Flyboarding Lessons this new sport is easy to learn.

Book your first flight!

We can get you up and flying quickly most people are soaring over the water within the first few minutes of their first flyboarding class. you frist flight training consists of an orientation and then 30 minutes Training with the Flyboard. After you get the basics of balance we will work with you to start to develope basic controlled manuvers and before long you will be doing dolphin dives, dolphine jumps and some maybe even back flips.

Flyboarding Videos

Flyboarding Tricks and stunts.

This flyboarding videos showcases many of the latest flyboarding tricks and high-flying antics of seasoned flyboarders

Professional flyboarders

This video shows you what the currect top ranking flyboarders are capable of.