Flyboarding Lessons

Flight Training: what to expect

Flight training consists of an short orientation where we quickly go over the Flyboarding gear, want to do and not do, techniques for bodysurfing and getting airborn. After the orientation we go out for 30 mins of hands on training. Flyboarding can be very tiring when you are first learning and most people are spent after 30 minutes, but if you are still good you can add time in 15 min increments. Flyboarding is realtively easy with most people getting the hang of it in 10-20 minutes.

Flight Training: what to bring

All the gear is provided for you but is is a good idea to bring a swimsuit, watershirt, sunscreen, towel and dry clothes. Take your contacts off so you don't lose them and no glasses or sunglasses allowed.

Flight Training: how high will you go

Beginner flyboarders will go a maximum of 3 ft in the air. For saftey we limit you to 3 ft off the water until you have demonstrated various skills. Falling from too high can be uncomfortable or even hurt.

Flyboarding Prices

Private Training$149

This includes the orientation and 24 minutes of flight training.

Add Training Time$49

If you feel up to it and we don't have someone scheduled right after you we can add 12 mins of training for only $49.

Bring a friendsave $100

If you and a friend want to Flyboard we have a special group rate 79 per person, each person gets 12 min of flytime You both must do the orientation together and then flight training one right after the other.

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